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Bully Prevention and Intervention Plan

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Faculty Emails
Contact Jennifer Albores  Jennifer Albores Office Assistant
Contact Caryn Allen  Caryn Allen Teacher
Contact Lamis Almalouhi  Lamis Almalouhi Teacher
Contact Devin Avey  Devin Avey Teacher
Contact Brittany Birchall  Brittany Birchall Teacher
Contact Gina Chekouras  Gina Chekouras Teacher
Contact Brenda Christensen  Brenda Christensen Teacher
Contact Gabriel Clark  Gabriel Clark Teacher
Contact Carol Clouse  Carol Clouse Teacher
Contact Alyssa Davis  Alyssa Davis Assistant Principal
Contact Paige DelCore  Paige DelCore Teacher
Contact Karen Hegerle  Karen Hegerle Teacher
Contact Connie Hoy  Connie Hoy Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Kiefer  Elizabeth Kiefer Intervention Teacher
Contact Nina Kinkead  Nina Kinkead Office Assistant
Contact Todd Kitch  Todd Kitch Teacher
Contact Mary Koue  Mary Koue Teacher
Contact Bryan Kurek  Bryan Kurek PE Teacher
Contact Douglas Kyle  Douglas Kyle Teacher
Contact Sharon Lee Rooney  Sharon Lee Rooney Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Nancy Locatelli  Nancy Locatelli RSP
Contact Athena Maraldo  Athena Maraldo Teacher
Contact Carroll Mayer  Carroll Mayer Teacher
Contact Julie McCargar  Julie McCargar School Psychologist
Contact Patrick McMillan  Patrick McMillan Teacher
Contact Virginia Nosky  Virginia Nosky Teacher
Contact Lea Robinson  Lea Robinson Teacher
Contact Mary Sandman  Mary Sandman Teacher
Contact Zoe Skognes  Zoe Skognes Teacher
Contact Martin Sweet  Martin Sweet Teacher/After School Coordinator
Contact Cynthia Valdez  Cynthia Valdez Office Manager
Contact Andrea Valle  Andrea Valle Teacher
Contact Robin Victory  Robin Victory Teacher
Contact Catherine Werner  Catherine Werner Teacher